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The following surveys are provided by our partner Make Opinion GmbH. If you have any questions or problems, the support team from Make Opinion will be happy to help you via the help button in the surveys.

Survey Basics

1. Time planning: Did you know that most polls always take place between Tuesday and Friday? These days are perfect for doing some polls on your lunch break or in the evening in front of the TV!

2. No rush: While it can sometimes be tempting to quickly skim through a survey, correct and consistent responses guarantee a successful outcome.

3. Less is often more: Of course, surveys for which a larger amount is paid are always very tempting. But many short surveys actually pay better for your time and are more enjoyable to answer too!

4. Rejections: Despite all the tips and tricks, it can often happen that you don't fit into the grid you are looking for at an early stage, especially at the beginning. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the system does not know much about you at the beginning and therefore shows you, in doubt, 5 surveys in which women are wanted, although you are male, and on the other hand, there are now and then surveys in which the special qualification comes later in the funnel. So you may be the right age, have the right gender and come from the right region but have the wrong job.

5. Device: It makes sense to change the device from time to time. A lot of surveys are only played on the mobile device or just on a desktop. In order to exploit the full potential, it makes sense to change both from time to time.

6. Honesty: The panel is provided by a professional market research company. Years of experience mean that there are now many levers to detect fraud attempts at an early stage. So there are a few important rules so that you can participate in the long term:

  • Answers that are too quick and do not make it possible to have actually read the questions lead to long-term exclusion after repeated warnings in case of doubt.
  • So-called "gibberish", so answering open questions with "nonsense" is also a reason to fly out of the survey
  • Too many accounts from the same IP address are also noticed early
  • Test questions are often built in, for example question 1 asks about the birthday and question 5 about the age, or a single choice question is “Tick green” and the answers contain 5 other colors. Here, too, false information will lead to disqualification in case of doubt.

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